Lowongan Perum Peruri Oktober 2011

>> 02 Oktober 2011

Perusahaan Umum Percetakan Uang Republik Indonesia (PERUM PERURI) need of professionals as follows;

    Staff Sekretaris Perusahaan (SEK).
    Staff Hukum (HUK)
    Staff Pengembangan Organisasi (POR)
    Staff Pengamanan (PAM)
    Staff Pengembangan Pasar (SAR)
    Staff Desain Produk (DES)
    Staff Pengembangan Produk & Teknologi (PPT)
    Staff Perencanaan & Pengendalian Produksi (REN)
    Staff Teknologi Informasi (INF)
    Staff Akuntansi (KUN)
    Staff Pengembangan SDM (SDM)
    Staff Penggajian & Remunerasi (PGR)

Special Requirements:

    D3,Sekretaris (1)
    S1 Hukum Perdata (2, 4)
    S1 Teknik Industri (3, 8)
    S1 Ekonomi Manajemen (5)
    S1 Seni Rupa/Desain Grafis/Desain Komunikasi Visual (6)
    S1 Teknik Informatika/Eko Manajemen (7, 9)
    D3 Akuntansi (10)
    S1 Psikologi (11)
    D3 Manajemen Komputer/Informatika (12)

General Requirements

    Physical and Spiritual Health
    Minimum GPA 2.80 (scale 4:00)
    Maximum age 28 years (the limit of the oldest born October 10, 1983)
    Active English language (spoken and written)
    Have good interpersonal skills, loyalty and high integration
    Preferably work experience in the field who have at least 2 years
    not married

Candidates who meet these qualifications can enroll online for the position no later than October 10, 2011 through: www.ppsdmconsultant.com

by attaching:

    Scan diploma in accordance with the requirements of proposed position (jpeg / gif 100kb max)
    Scan transcript (1 page that lists GPA, format jpeg / gif 100kb max)
    Scan a valid ID card (1 side of the page of data, format jpeg / gif 100kb max)
    Scan a picture of yourself (colored half body, format jpeg / gif 100kb max)

Only qualified applicants with the best qualifications to be included in the selection process further.

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