Lowongan PT PLN Oktober 2011

>> 02 Oktober 2011

Lowongan Kerja PLN (Persero). PT PLN (Persero) is the largest electricity service provider in Indonesia. With a vision to “Recognized as World Class Company is Growing flowers, Superior and Reliable with a resting on Potential Insani “, PT PLN (Persero) is committed to provide electricity throughout the country.

Lowongan Kerja PT PLNWe believe that human potential is the greatest asset and our future, therefore we invest great to get the prospective future leaders who will develop PT PLN (Persero) a World Class Company and business challenges in the future.
Lowongan Kerja PT PLN (Persero)
Career opportunities at PT PLN (Persero) is very extensive because our business ranges from upstream to downstream, starting from the Generation, Transmission to Distribution Power to the customer and supporting services

Participants who pass the selection and recruitment of acceptance will be educated to occupy a position in accordance with its competence and placed throughout the unit and working areas of PT PLN (Persero).

Recruitment Process Employee PT PLN (Persero) knockout tournament, including the stages:

1. Registration via the Online Registration
2. Verification Documents
3. Selection
4. Training Prajabatan

Selections include:

a. General Aptitude Test (GAT).
b. Academic and English tests.
c. Psychological tests and group discussions.
d. Health Tests.
e. Interview.

Participants who pass the selection will be called to follow Prajabatan Training, and if passed will be appointed as an Officer of PT PLN (Persero) and placed in position proposed position across the Units and Work Area PT PLN (Persero).


a. Selection reception held in Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Surabaya. Participants can choose their own selection of places he wants;
b. Gender Male;
c. Status is not married and not married during their willing Prajabatan Training;
d. Age limit:

* S1/D4: Births 1985 and thereafter;
* D3: The Birth of 1987 and thereafter.

e. Field of Study in accordance with the proposed position;
f. GPA:

* GPA> 2.75 for Engineering;
* GPA> 3.00 for Non-Technical;

g. One applicant is only allowed to choose 1 (one) position code corresponding field of study just acquired;
h. Applicants must not choose the same level S1/D4 D3 level position (down grade);
i. Physically and mentally healthy to perform job duties at PT PLN (Persero) throughout Indonesia;
j. Is free to follow the selection and Prajabatan Training organized by PT PLN (Persero);
k. All announcements / calls relating to this recruitment using the website PT PLN (Persero).
Applicants are required to monitor continuously the announcement to be aired on the website of PT PLN (Persero);
l No correspondence relating to this recruitment;
m. The committee's decision can not be contested.

For the position and more information about this jobs please download document at the link below:

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